Editorial Policy

Dear collaborators of our magazine, databases and Institutions:

Centro Azúcar is a magazine of open access, which takes as a Mission and Targets to publish free original scientific articles, of short communications and review, translated into Spanish and English. These articles should be unpublished, related to the publication of topics of the Industry of the sugar-cane and its derivatives, the biofuels production, the technical, economic, environmental and social problems of its operation and development, the chemical processes in general and derivatives, the simulation and optimization of processes, the environmental management, Chemical Engineering in general and Miscellany. The magazine does not charge for the mailing or publication of the manuscripts that receives and the whole content that is published is freely available, without any cost for the user or his institution. The users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, translate, look for or link the whole texts of the articles that are published. This is in accordance with the definition BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative) of open access.

The whole content of the “Centro Azúcar ” magazine is distributed under a license Creative Commons

Licencia Creative Commons Atribución 4.0 Internacional

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Open Access Policy

All the articles published in “Centro Azúcar” are of open access and they become immediately accessible online since their publication in the web site of the magazine. The readers can read, download, copy, distribute, print, translate, look for or link the whole texts of the articles that are published without any cost. All the articles license under the terms of the License Creative Commons Atribución International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) that allows the use, distribution, reproduction in any way and translation of the content, without restrictions, whenever the work is properly quoted.

Arbitration Policy

Centro Azúcar follows the procedure of submitting every manuscript that receives to a process of double- blind peer review carried out by members of the Referees who collaborate with the edition of the magazine and other specialists of great international prestige. The evaluation system allows the reviewers' identity to remain unknown to the authors of the presented manuscript and vice versa, during the arbitration process.

The collaborators' anonymity contributes to an objective evaluation of the manuscript and also discharges the referees from any influence of the authors on the critical comments.

All the original writings are subject to an extensive peer review, consulting the members of the Editorial Board and external independent referees who collaborate with the magazine. The manuscripts are evaluated rapidly and the decision made by the Editorial Board taking into account all the comments, suggestions and evaluations, are sent to the lead author of the paper. The Referees strives to accelerate the process of review that takes timely publication.

Copyright Policy

The authors of the articles published in Centro Azúcar hold all copyrights of their work, but they agree that the magazine publishes the works under a license Creative Commons. The authors can present in the magazine Research Articles, short Communications and outlines or reviews, so that they are published for free. Presenting a manuscript to the magazine to be published implies that all the authors have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of the magazine and agree that the manuscript is published under a license Creative Commons Atribución International 4.0, that allows without restrictions, the use, distribution, translation and reproduction of the document in any way, whenever the work is properly quoted. Besides, they also agree that the document could be hosted on the magazine web site, Biblat, Periódica or another indexer of the magazine, from where it is possible to read, to download, to copy, to distribute, to print, to translate, to look for or to link the whole texts of the articles that are published.

Centro Azúcar grants the authors the right to reproduce this article, incorporate the work in one or several collective works, create and reproduce derivative works, commercialize the work, as well as distribute the same one.

It is a condition for the publication that the manuscripts presented to this magazine have not been published and they will not be presented simultaneously somewhere else. The authors who want to complain must contact with the Editor- in- Chief of the magazine.

Policy against plagiarism

The Editorial Board of the Centro Azúcar magazine verifies during the steps previous to the publication of the articles the originality of the presented contents. With this purpose, the editors, referees and other personnel that work in the edition, check the documents bearing in mind the title, authors, key words, etc., in the network. If it is detected up to 5 literal paragraphs equal to which appear in another publication, the manuscript returns to the authors so that they are corrected; if more paragraphs are detected, the document returns to the authors and it is rejected due to the lack of originality.

Centro Azúcar uses the program Plagiarism to verify the content of the articles. The program creates a report, emphasizing the percentage coincidence between the uploaded article and the released material. Centro Azúcar allows up to a 25 % similarity to consider the manuscript to be original.

The magazine encourages the authors to inform the Editor- in- Chief if they discover errors in the released content, names of the authors and affiliations or if they are concerned about the legitimacy of a publication. The articles that can contain infractions of the ethical professional codes, such as multiple presentation, false affirmations of authorship, plagiarism, fraudulent use of information or similar are rejected for lack of originality.

Payment Policy

Centro Azúcar commits itself to the diffusion of the publications that are published in it as widely as possible. The publications are free to facilitate the open access, that's why; the magazine does not charge a publication fee to the authors in general. All the authors can publish they articles for free. The decision to publish is only based on the fulfillment of the editorial criteria.

Responsibility of the published contents

The contents published by Centro Azúcar as well as the accuracy of the references and the correct quotations in the text are responsibility of him or the authors of the manuscript.

Repository Policy and platforms to host the articles

Centro Azúcar and the authors agree that the released articles are hosted in the internal database of the Magazine, its web site, Biblat, Periódica repository of the Central University “ Marta Abreu “ of Las Villas, repository of the “ José Martí “Library and other indexer of the magazine, from where it is possible to access to read, to download, to copy, to distribute, to print, to translate, to look for or to link the whole texts of the content of the articles that are published.